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Daniel Bristow Violins - Tetbury
A Recommendation:

For most people buying a violin is a mystery. Beginners have the greatest difficulty but even competent professionals don't find this kind of decision easy.


For the beginner there are plenty of cheap, poorly made violins around, many of which unfortunately are very poor value for money. They are often made with questionable materials in unregulated factories.  It can be very difficult for the untrained to tell the difference between a good beginner's violin and a poor quality violin. Those of us in The Cloud who teach are very happy to send our students to Daniel because he is trustworthy and reliable.

As for the advanced performer, deciding to pay £1,000s, this is a huge decision fraught with difficulty. Firstly, there is the issue of the quality of the instrument itself. There are many very good violins with an excellent sound. Which one will be the best for me? Folded into this is the issue of their antique value which can increase the price dramatically. Then there is the question of the forging of a longterm relationship with the instrument: This will be my sound for the forseeable future. Is this the right sound for me?


So there are many things to think about.

Daniel Bristow's knowledge of bowed string instruments is immense. He understands all the dilemmas facing the buyer and knows how tough the decision is.  We have found him to be extraordinarily helpful, giving us time to really consider carefully.


Throughout the whole process he is courteous and thoughtful.

Daniel Bristow:

01666 503946 - 54 Long St, Tetbury GL8 8AQ, UK

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