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Tuning Your Violin

using the gStrings App


gStrings on Android - follow this link

Tuner!! for the iPhone - follow this link

Tuning is such a significant issue for violin beginners that I have created this violin tuning page for anyone learning the violin, wherever you are in the world, to help you get your instrument in tune properly.

Tuning By Ear

If you want to tune in the conventional way, just by ear then listen to these tuning notes and check them with each of your strings.


Customer and practice says that you should always start with the A string. This is because orchestras tune to the note A and then each player tunes the rest of the instrument once they have tuned their A.

G - Tuning Note - Andrew
D Tuning Note - Andrew
A Tuning Note - Andrew
E Tuning Note - Andrew

Sometimes your strings will be way out and you just can't get near the tuning note. You may have nudged the big tuning pegs and the string has gone completely flat.


If you are still unsure about your tuning once you've done your best then why not use your smartphone to record each string and then 'Share' it with me so that I can check it and offer help. And there's always Skype!

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