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A complete course of structured learning experiences

Learn the violin from the comfort of your own home with

FREE Online Violin Tuition For The Beginner

FREE OnlineViolin Tuition

  All Ages

  • You've always wanted to learn the violin.
  • Finding a violin teacher local to you has proved to be difficult.
  • With here's a way of accessing the violin tuition you've been looking for.
  • Andrew Hodges, one of the UK's top-rated violin coaches, has created this online experience.
  • Try out it. Access to the online course is completely free.
  • If you find you like them then you can arrange Zoom or Skype lessons with Andrew.
Coronavirus & Learning The Violin

With all this time on your hands self-isolating this is probably the best opportunity you've ever had to spend some of this time learning a musical instrument. Stay home and learn the violin online. A number of my students are self-isolating and continuing with Zoom violin lessons. Zoom online tuition with a complete set of online lessons provides you with a very good way of getting started without the risk of infection

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