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Andrew's Background & Experience


Andrew has been described as having all the characteristics of a polymath; someone whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.  His two principal passions are classical music and new developments in the field of sound & music.  However his other fields of knowledge include the philosophy of yoga, neuro-linguistic programming, web-based marketing, business management, training, personal & team development, astronomy and UAVs, rather poor french and developing applications for improvisation theory.

Andrew's original training was as a violinist at the Royal Academy of Music.  His life's work has been wide and various including having been Head of Music in a central London school, followed by success in a sales role as a global account manager for an international corporate after which he became a consultant trainer with experience extending across the UK, Europe and China. 

Based now in Gloucestershire (UK) his time is spent across a number of roles:

  • Composer & Arranger for all types of bowed stringed instruments

  • Editor and director of the world's leading music improvisation, sound healing & sound therapy website.

  • Director of Mastering Chaos: The Musician's Way

  • Partner in a personal development company (Entracte).

  • Free-lance musician actively involved in a variety of musical activities including violin tuition, composition and arranging, facilitating group music improvisation workshops for schools & colleges and delivering business leadership programmes which employ the medium of music improvisation.

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