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Compositions and Arrangements - Buy the PDF download to print and play


"Stream" describes the journey from source to sea. Running water and glacial ice has shaped our landscape over the millenia. From high in the hills a stream, hasty and uplifting, wild and full of turns, runs down to the valley.


"Storm" evokes the feeling of a raging storm. The driving rhythms, crashing chords, and soaring melodies all contribute to this sense of power and drama. All the parts constantly interact with each other, creating a rich and complex soundscape. 

triangulum 8 bit_edited.jpeg

Everyone's experience of the pandemic has been different and people will have different things to say about it. I think the first feeling we may have had is panic and shock. This was something not easy to get to grips with. Then the churning over and over in our minds about what we're supposed to do and the radical switch in the way our lives began to operate. As the months went by we learned more about the suffering and the conflict it caused. At some point we may finally get to know what it feels to be out of it. The relief when it comes will be tinged with much sadness and grief...

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