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Original Compositions & Music Videos

You can now buy some of the musical scores & parts of The Cloud Repertoire - just follow this link to know more


"Stream" has been well-received, provoking much thought and reflection. Whilst it invokes the metaphor of the stream's journey through to the ocean in many ways it says more than this. We as humans live on a far away planet in a remote part of the Universe. Our lives here follow the journey of the stream. One single drop of water falls from the sky joining others to begin its journey. During our time we experience joys and despairs, bliss and turmoil, until finally we rejoin the great expanse of the ocean. Perhaps at some indeterminate point we will return to begin the journey once more.

Cotswolds Concert Overture

The Churn River starts its journey from high in the Cotswolds eventually joining the River Thames south of Cirencester.


A variety of cameras have been employed including a smartphone, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 and a winged drone.

The evening lighting conditions at the time produced some quite stunning effects.

Hymn: Armistice Amen

A walk by a Cotswold stream on a warm, sunlit day. 

This is where they came from...

Winter Dreams

Music for Solo Violin & Strings


Tango: Chance Encounter

Live Performance at Minchinhampton Parish Church 2019


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