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The Cloud Collection

You can now buy some of the musical scores & parts of The Cloud Repertoire - just follow this link to know more

Virtual Video Performances

2020 & 2021 have proved difficult for all musicians everywhere. Conditions across the world are very distressing. It is impossible for musicians to meet up to play as we used to. 


The Clouds started life with a different approach to playing and performing which may be our biggest advantage. We use the technology in the concerts that everyone is, to a certain extent now having to use. Our concerts are a combination of the live and the virtual. In this period of uncertainty we have morphed to the virtual. Playing and recording as individuals and bringing it all together on screen. In a similar manner to our concerts, we combine both real and virtual instruments.

Dress Code: To avoid reflected light we have agreed: All in black with simple clean design (no frills)

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