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The Collective Wisdom

There is something about the way music is put together and performed which can help us all work and play better with each other
If you're a musician, with your musical qualities, you can bring your own 'wisdom of the collective' to help people be better together.

And who might need 'The Wisdom Of The Collective'?  Here are just a few of the many ...

  • Health and Social Care managers

  • Local Government Teams

  • Boards of Directors

  • School/College Leadership Teams

  • Sales Teams

  • Marketing Teams

  • Civil Service Teams

  • Military Teams (Agile Mission Groups)

  • Website Development Teams (where a large enough group of them work together)

And what can teams do who have acquired collective wisdom?

  • They can work more confidently with the unexpected

  • They are able to respond ‘rationally’ to the ‘irrational’

  • They make better choices in difficult situations

  • They endeavour to develop and deepen their intuition both as an individual and part of a group

  • They are better able to process and work with the unforeseen

  • They can more easily make sense of the unfamiliar  

  • They discover how individuals can be heard, valued and respected in the group dynamic 

  • They learn the value of ‘mistakes’ and how they can be accepted and worked with as potentially interesting material

  • They develop and encourage reciprocity (give-and-take) between individuals in a group situation

  • The learn how to make brilliance possible without the burden of 'always having to get it right'

  • They deepen and extend the experience of listening and hearing

  • They learn a new understanding of themselves and others without language

  • They work more comfortably with paradox and contradiction

  • Their appreciation and understanding of group and individual intention deepens

  • They more able to handle conflicting ideas creatively

  • They learn to balance the needs of both the individual and the group

  • They develop a deep sense of group creativity and learn how to encourage it in others

Learn more about your innate 'Collective Wisdom'?

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