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Violin Lessons Online:

I am pleased to say that this learning process is working very well. In particular, the videoing of practice sessions has proved to be so useful that when the crisis is all over I am certain we will continue with this in one form or another.
Now with us having to socially-distance etc., playing together as a group is something that musicians really miss.  What is in effect a video-selfie, encourages students to practice and, by working with an accompaniment on a second device, students can continue to experience a sense of 'playing together'.


  • Produce at least one video to self-review.

  • Find a minimum of three positive points for each video and afterwards anything that needs to change, improve or to be worked on and write these down.

  • Send the video with the self-review notes to me at least 24 hours before the lesson.

  • At the lesson I will hear you play again and we can talk about the videos and agree a plan of action.

  • It would be good to be able to have another device with speaker so that you can play your pieces in the lesson with an accompaniment. Make sure you know how to use this.


  • 3 or 4 days before your next lesson decide which pieces need videoing and take the videos.

  • Review them yourself. Everyone has agreed that this is very useful.

  • Send them to me so that I get them no later than the morning of the day before your lesson.

Practical things to consider:

  • Videoing, for best results position the smartphone low, a couple metres away from you and to your right. Stand as normal in front of your stand.

  • Are you properly in the shot? Can you see your full bow movement? Can you see your left hand?

  • If yes, then send. If no, do it again.

  • Unsure about sending? Look for the 'share' button. You can email (, Whatsapp(07802 44 73 76) it, Skype (andrew.hodges1) it.

Zoom Violin Lesson:

  • Will normally occur at the same time as your lesson unless otherwise agreed.

  • Check your knowledge of Zoom before the lesson so as not to turn the lesson into a lesson on Skype.

  • Large screens are better than small screens for Zoom but do have your mobile with you. You can use it to play accompaniments whilst in your ZoomViolin lesson. (N.B. Check your bluetooth speakers or other device.)

  • Position your laptop/smartphone/iphone just to the right of your stand and level with your music if you can.

  • VERY IMPORTANT - try not to have other people in the house watching Netflix or iPlayer at the same time. 

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