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Mastering Chaos®

A Leadership Workshop


Musical leadership is leadership 'in the moment' guiding complex simultaneous activities. Musicians will lead themselves and their 'team'; their band or orchestra, in a variety of different styles to suit the piece. The leadership style must 'fit', relate to what is happening now, with a sense of what's coming towards them, hopefully leading to the best outcome. Use the wrong 'style' of musical leadership and 'it just doesn't happen.'


Mastering Chaos is an 'applied' version of Rod Paton's world-famous Lifemusic® Method and is aimed at anyone who aspires to lead a team.


Who is the workshop for? - Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Telesales Teams, Local Government Teams, Civil Service Teams, Military Teams (Agile Mission Groups), Website Development Teams (where a large enough group of them work together), School/College Leadership Teams, Boards of Directors, Health and Social Care managers, and more...

Andrew's programme “Mastering Chaos®” is a one-day workshop designed to help you develop awareness of different styles of leadership, recognising where these different styles of leadership apply, and practicing enhanced group facilitation skills. An unusual feature of this leadership programme is that it is based on different styles of musical leadership and what leaders outside of music can learn from the field of music.

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