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Performance Coaching



for Advanced Players

More Expressive Tone?

You've been playing for many years.  You're competent. You play the right notes (most of the time).

But there's something missing. You know that your tone just isn't quite there and you feel disappointed.

A Matter of Self-Confidence?

You're a good player and you wish you had the courage to step forwards and let your sound be heard.

So what's getting in the way? 

Performance Coaching with Andrew

There are some things we never do.  Or, we might never do. It's not that we lack the ability necessarily, just the motivation and may be the courage.  The violin is hard enough to play without having to think about taking on some of our deeper fears. 


"And yet, if only I had more time to practice, if only I had a better technique, if only I could get more support..."


This is where many of us find ourselves. Not quite getting where we want to be. Performing publicly on an instrument is not just about technique or even practice, it's about our mental state. I would say that our mental strength is possibly more than 50% of the answer.


To help the development of my students I encourage mindfulness techniques to help create the best possible mind state for both practice and performance. It combines the psychology of the instrument with the practical necessities.


Mindful practice and performance is not separate from working on the instrument but a integral part of it. So when I work with you your state of mind is every bit a part of the work.

Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way.” 




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