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Some recent feedback from my students:


Thank you for being such a good teacher. (Grade 8 Student)

You have taught me so much, I have been practising and love playing the violin - thanks for your great tuition! (Adult Pupil)

He's found his enthusiasm again! (Parent of Grade 7/8 Student)

The violin stopped being cool and now it is again! (Teenage student)

You've made a real difference. (Parent of  9 year old student)

Thank you very much for teaching me and helping me pass my Grade 8 ( Grade 8 Student)

You have been a fantastic tutor, and hopefully the opportunity will arise in the near future for me to pick up where I left off (Adult Student now at University)

Your teaching is wonderful, thanks very much for showing me so much about playing the fiddle (Older Student)

You are, by far, the best teacher I have ever had (student now at Uni.)



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